reIMAGinING the way we serve youth and families

CWI has created a holistic approach that engages the whole child and bridges the work of educators, social workers and other care providers to support localized solutions that emphasize the importance of self, belonging, and purpose.

Inner Development:

Develop Children Inside and Out

We must enable all children with tools for self-awareness, self-reflection and emotional regulation to achieve positive relationships.

These tools for inner development help youth to reflect on themselves and their surroundings, as well as develop empathy and confidence.

Why This Approach Works

Confidence, empathy and self-awareness enable youth to move throughout the world in a way that is thoughtful and create change within themselves, their community and beyond.


Change How Service Providers Create

A culture of wellbeing demands co-creation with a child’s full community. Therefore, we must include the ideas and insights of those most impacted by the issues we are trying to solve.

Successful service providers don’t just consult; they give the community direct input into programmatic decisions.

Why This Approach Works

Community involvement in initiatives, programs, and organizations make service providers more inclusive, and useful in cultivating children’s wellbeing.

Care for Caregivers:

Expand Who We’re Caring For

We must build support systems for caregivers, whether it be parents, educators, physicians, counselors, or mentors, to navigate their identities and emotions.

Caregivers who are fully aware of how their past experiences shape their current relationships with kids are more equipped to provide care holistically and responsively.

Why This Approach Works

The wellbeing of caregivers and children are interconnected. Transforming relationships for caregivers, transforms relationships for kids.

CWI is breaking silos and breaking barriers.