together, we are building a culture of children’s wellbeing.

Our Change Leaders are co-creating bottom-up solutions for caring for children and families

our goal is to make wellbeing accessible to every child.

We work with communities, not for communities, to shift norms and transform existing systems

Who are we

The Children’s Wellbeing Initiative (CWI) is a collaborative effort driven by a diverse network of change leaders—innovators, social entrepreneurs, practitioners, and community leaders—who support children and young people through education, healthcare, community development, and child and family services.


Fueled by change leaders, incubated by Ashoka, and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, CWI began in 2014 as a learning project to explore how cross-sector collaboration could drive systems-change for children.

What we have Done

Over the last two years, CWI has galvanized a network of 200+ organizations and 20+ change leaders to identify barriers to advancing children’s wellbeing at individual, community, and systems levels. Through this network, CWI has crowdsourced a framework for children’s wellbeing that includes three proven approaches and identified specific strategies for systems change.

Our Future

Currently, CWI is in an emergent and strategic planning phase. Our focus for 2018 will be on leadership development, network-building, data collection and story-telling. We are currently seeking funder who want to be part of  an intriguing new effort to advance children’s wellbeing through an equity lens. 

In Fall 2017, CWI held our inaugural summit in Washington, D.C., bringing together community-based change leaders and philanthropic leaders to discuss our bold vision to create a culture of children’s wellbeing for all youth.

What is children’s wellbeing

To Us, wellbeing for children means that every child is equipped with a strong sense of self, belonging and purpose


Children are self-aware and confident in their identities and ability to influence outcomes


Children feel valued by society and are surrounded by relationships of trust


Children are encouraged to dream and

play a role in shaping society

Self, belonging, and purpose are interdependent. Therefore, nurturing wellbeing within children requires a holistic approach.

Our Approach to Children’s wellbeing

Our approach is sourced from the insights and experiences of a diverse network of change leaders

Inner Development

We work to enable all children with tools for self-awareness, self-reflection and emotional regulation to achieve positive relationships.


We make sure to include the voices, insights and participation of those most impacted by the issues we are trying to solve.

Care for Caregivers

We design and build support systems for caregivers, whether it be parents, educators, physicians, counselors, or mentors.

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